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Putting the best initiatives out there.

Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals

Build your brand. Tell your story, Make an Impact.

When you need fresh ideas and sound advice, turn to the expert with years of experience and a name you can trust. I’ll be there for you every step of the way.

The Global Listening Project

How to best prepare for the future? Rebuilding trust.
Every month a new focus. In March: Women.

The R3I Impact Foundation: R3I Women

Adhering to the agenda of Planet 43 --  Creating an online community of R3I Women in a safe space --  Identifying women forging new solutions with technology via the She Loves Tech Competition. -- Organizing the SLT Competition in 5 markets: Japan, South Korea, Southern Europe,
Western Europe and The Nordics. -- Events, networking, learning circles in the R3I Women space.

Plus Media Solutions

Plus Media Solutions puts sustainability at the heart of your brand.

Post-Growth Institute/Post-growth movement

At the Post Growth Institute, our goal is to help guide the way to that more beautiful world your heart knows is possible. We help shift the worldview.

The Masai initiative

 From Exploitation to Empowerment: The Maasai Tribe's Journey to Intellectual Property Ownership


TBLI Circle: inclusion in group striving to make the world a better place through impact investing. Group networking events, master classes, meeting the people and projects moving the agenda forward.

The AI Asia Pacific Institute

Moving forward with AI in a responsible way; developing guidelines for usage and defining
pathways to bring everyone up to speed.

Barbara Erskine 

Barbara Erskine is a community builder, brand strategist and media relations professional. In
Paris, she worked on the NYT Foreign Affairs Column with Flora Lewis. For ten years, she
created the branding and established media relations for the World Economic Forum in
Geneva, and ran “Barbara’s Davos”, a parallel program for the media in Davos. She was
Wired Magazine’s European Editor. With her company, Barbara Erskine Networks, in Geneva,
she helped governments, the United Nations, and private corporations launch initiatives;
notably focusing on women’s issues at the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society
(Paris and Deauville); and geopolitics and finance at Ambrosetti/The European House (Milan
and Cernobbio). Current projects on communications and communities now include TBLI
(Triple Bottom Line Investing; R3i Ventures and the R3i Impact Foundation, specifically the
annual She Loves Tech Competition ; Plus Media Soluions; the AI Asia Pacific Institute; and
the Global Listening Project.
Barbara Erskine is bilingual French and English, and she speaks Italian. She holds Swiss and USA nationalities. After many years based in Paris and Geneva, she now works from Northern Italy.